Tuesday, October 4, 2011

She's Connected Conference ~ Part 1

I was shocked when I found out I was going to the She's Connected Conference, But as it grew closer and closer I started to wonder all the things any person would. Would I fit in? Would I make new friends? What would people think of me?

While on the train to Toronto all these things and more where running through me head, things like what if this and what if that. I then begin to realize I was not alone all these women were feeling the same way I was, they were all scared and nervous about what they were going to walk into.
For some this was not a new experience, but for most of us this was.

Once I got of the train at Union Station it dawned on me that I still didn't really know who my room mate was or what she looked like except for a small little twitter profile picture. Would I like her? would we get along? these were now my new fears. I stated to wonder when do they stop or do they.

I grew up in such a small area and was only exposed to the thing shown to me. What I was about to learn and see on my own for the first time was starting to scare me, but I wanted to learn more. More about the people more about the blogging world.

I met my room mate and we got to the hotel, we checked in and it all began.

I soon realized that we are all alike, we are all scared and nervous. These are all feelings that everyone must push past and learn to navigate this new world (it's a lot like High School)

I was so happy to not be doing this alone I had my amazing room mate with me @chancesmommy and we were doing this together (both newbies) I am so happy to have had her there with me so that I at least fit in with her.

We met a few others and made our way down to the hall where it was being held. I would have never imagined what I was about to walk into....