Sunday, August 21, 2011


I was excited to try something new and was wanting something like the Birchbox, but since I was in Canada I never figured I would get my hands on something of the same quality.  But I DID!!!

I started looking into it a little more and then came across a Facebook page for a company called and wanted to know more.
Once I signed up for there news stuff I was sent to a link on YouTube
After watching the video I knew that it was for me. but I would have to wait until they launched. I waited and waited then I got the email and they had launched.

I ordered the first Glymm box in July and received it just after the 10th of August.
For right now they only ship to Canada and are $10 a month plus $1 something in taxes = just over $11

Here is what I received in my Glymm Box:

 I love the box that everything comes in, it's pink and very sturdy. The Glymm logo is a cute ribbon but that spells out the word.

 This is what it loos like when you first open it, You get a little card that tells you everything that you get and how much the full size retails for. It also has a cute little message to everyone that gets the box.

Here is the contents and at first view I am so excited to get the lip gloss that I see and the face mask because I have never tried a face mask before and I am excited to do so.

 I loved seeing this cute little treat and did it ever taste good, they were orange Jellybelly's and I loved them( can you tell thy must be gone since I am talking about them in the past tense) I love the jar that it comes in too.

 The lipgloss wow I was so happy to see it was Smashbox, I have wanted to try one for so long but didn't want to pay the shipping .

 I get to try a benefit product and I am so excited I have wanted to for a while but everything they sell is always sold out.

 An OPI Nail Polish, I have tried them before, in fact I own a couple. Nothing though in this color which makes me sad because there is no name on the bottle and I would love to buy in a larger size.

The Face Mask..... I want to try this soon, It's My Face Works and it\s in the I Need to Detox.

I loved this box more then I ever thought you could love something that came in the mail.
I will be adding a really detailed review on all the products that came in this Glymm box and I will be ordering another one and another and another.

Would I recommend This to A Friend?
Answer ~ Yes I would and have and will continue too.

If you want to check out Glymm and Buy you own box just follow this link:


  1. Thanks for the review! :)
    If you wanted to find out the name of the OPI colour, there should be a serial code on the bottle, and you can just do a quick google search of it!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and subscribing.

    I believe I received the exact same OPI nail polish in my Glymm box and concluded that the full size version is called Sweetheart.
    I will be doing a blog post for a similar colour by Essie tomorrow so be sure to check it out if you're interested!