Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sorry I Have Been MIA

I am so sorry that I keep disappearing all the time.

There are a few personal and blog related things that are taking up a lot of my time and for that I am very sorry.
I am getting super excited to be going to the She's Connected Conference in eight days( YAY!!!) and I am also starting to get excited about finishing school(finally). That is what is taking up all my time the last few weeks with Doctors appointments, blood work, Criminal Reference checks and the Support staff at Georgian College being on strike are making it impossible to find the time to write while I try and figure out how to still do my placements when there is no one there for me to talk to about it or to even pay to do them.

I am and will be posting a couple new reviews today and tomorrow on some new products that I have bought and soon there will be a wonderful post on a prize I won at my very first twitter party.

I hope that you are not to made at me about my lack of posts. Again I am very sorry.


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