Friday, July 8, 2011


I know you can tell by the title that I am excited and I am sure you are all like its just a dupe calm down Aarica.

To me though this is a great moment for me, I have been trying to find the color of pink that is in this Almay Hazel Eye Trio

As you can see I have hit the pan and I have been trying so hard not to use this, but it's my favorite eye shadow ever and I want to wear it everyday. I think that I love it because it's the perfect combination of shimmer and soft. It's a nice light pink and is perfect for someone with hazel eyes.

I have been looking for this color by it's self for a very long time because as you can tell the other two colors are still fine so why would I want to buy another one for just one color?

I looked on Almay's website and they don't have it alone and I have taken it to places but they have colors that are not very close to the color and they wanted like $12-20 for just one shadow. I don't think so..

I was with my friend and we were at Walmart looking for pretty much anything pretty lol. I decided to look at the price of the Almay Trio and it was $10 ( I had looked in a store where I live and it was $12, so I decided to keep looking) When I turned around I noticed the Wet N Wild stuff which to be honest there is never really anything more then Nail Polish.

All of a sudden I noticed something out the corner of my eye.....
I thought this look pretty close so I grabbed the Almay one off the display and my friend and I both thought that they were pretty close and for half the price I figured if it was nothing like it then I didn't really waste all that money.
When I came home the first thing after I kissed my little boy, I went to swatch the two trios here is the results...

YAY!!! there is only one difference that I can see and that would be the white they are just a little different, the Almay is more of a beige where as the Wet N Wild is more white.

I love that there was finally something that I could find that matches the wonderful pink that I love so much.

* I bought all of these products with my own money and I was not compensated for my review.
I do not own the names, but I do own the pictures


  1. lol, you're too cute! :) I'm glad you found this trio, it's a great trio! plus you could stock up on your favorite pink :)

  2. Good find :) I just saw your post on my blog re makeup swap. I can never have enough of swaps! Email me x