Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bourjois Paris Volumizer Mascara Review

This mascara is the two step type volumizing system with a volume-boosting brush.

Step One - The brush prepares for 3D volume. Guaranteed Clump Free.

Step Two - The brush transforms the create spectacular 3D volume.

Color - Noir Maximizer
Size- 11 ml (0.4 fl oz )
Cost - $20 where I bought it.

Here is my review of each step and the over all product.

Step One is a nice everyday wear and gives that going to work or school, with the ease of knowing you can go out with out adding more to make it look like a larger volume lash. It is the perfect amount to use when ever and where ever. Step one is perfect for a dramatic lash without being over the top and crazy.

Step Two doesn't have the suction that all other mascaras have so that when you pull the wand out it takes off the excess so when you pull it out there is a ton of product still one this wand. My first try with this product there was a lot on the brush and it was messy and clumpy and just ruined my eye look, the second time I tried wiping some of the excess product on the tube opening and this time it was less messy and less clumpy, but still gave off that amazing dramatic look.

The review of this is that it does not make your lashes look that much bigger and that it is messy when not wiped off, but of a non waterproof mascara it does a great job of holding up when needed like at the wedding that I wore it to and cried at. It ran but no where near what most do.
I love this mascara and when I say its black I am not joking it is very black and very noticeable.

Would I recommend this product to someone?
 Answer is yes, I would recommend this and would give it as a gift if it wasn't so expensive.


  1. Good to know :) My daughter loves this

  2. I've used another 2 step mascara in the past and loved it. I love mascaras that make your lashes so full and add lots of length :D

  3. Following you and look forward to meeting you at SCCTO! I need all the makeup help I can get!