Monday, May 23, 2011


I went to get an outfit for a friends wedding reception the other day and decided to check out a larger drugstore while I was there. I found that they carried GOSH and also noticed that they had a gift set on sale originally it was $23.00, but it was on for $10 so I decided to grab it and I am so glad I did it had one of their lip gloss's, nail polish, nail file and cute little rhinestones for your nails.

The Box Contents 

Color Number 0022
Swatch of the Lip Gloss 

The Nail Polish 541 Gasoline ( on my Nail in the picture over Black)

I used the Lip Gloss and the Nail Polish on the weekend and loved the Nail Polish and the way it looks over my black. I liked the way the Lip Gloss looked on over another lip product.

While I was out getting this I found a couple more products that I wanted to try and I used both on the weekend as well I will not be giving a review about them until I get the chance to try them a little better.
I will show you what I bought though.

Rimmel Match Perfection 2-1 Concealer  & Highlighter  030 Classic Beige

Bourjois 2 Step Volumizer Mascara  in 01 Noir Maximizer

I hope to do a review on these in a few days, but if I don't I will have it up no later then this weekend.

* I bought these products with my own money, I own the Photo's but not the companies or their brands. I was not paid to review these products.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the Mascara :) I'm always looking for awesome ones...