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March 12th, 2008

You all might be trying to figure out why when the date today is March 12th, 2012 would the title say 2008.
This post is not really a makeup blog post.

If I go back four years I can remember everything that I was doing that day and every conversation word for word. I had the day off from work because I was taking a class to help me get closer to graduating. I was an hour away from home and it was a routine Wednesday and I was heading to class for 5pm.

I went to class and always turned my phone on silent and this time was no different. I finished class at 8pm went to check my phone and noticed I missed 12 phone calls 3 voice mails and 2 text messages. I was trying to figure out what was going on so like always I checked my texts first, one said please call me asap and another changed my world forever.
Even as I write this I can't stop tearing up. So please don't mind the spelling and grammar.

I checked the second message and I could not help but think this is a horrible, horrible joke and I am going to be so mad later. I still to this day will never forget word for word what the text said. "Teresa Died Today in Car Accident" Who tells you that in a text, the person who sent me that text never even tried to call me. I know she was upset to but it hurt me more then they will ever know.
Then it was time for the voice mails and they were another friend telling me to call them asap. (this is the same person who called me 12 times). I called her.

She answered the phone and wasn't her happy normal self I asked her what was wrong and when she tried to tell me all she could do was cry, her mom took the phone and said this to me. Aarica I hate to be the person to tell you this but Teresa died today in a car accident. After that as most would expect I called her some pretty bad names and she just let me, my friend came back on and we cried together for a few mins and I told her I had to go.
I called my mom, who still had no idea and she told me to call my sister since she lived close to where I was and could come and see me.

I went in to McDonalds where I was heading after class to get something quick for my car ride home, I called my friends Tammy, Liana and Lynda. The responses were all different. Lynda cried with me, Liana was in shock and Tammy was worried about me.
I called my then boyfriend in hopes he would drive over and get me, but all he could say was I have hockey, I can't be late so I have to go sorry.
I called my sister who was out ice fishing and told me they were on there way. While all of this was happening I was on my way into the store and I guess I picked the right day to go because a friend of mines brother was working and he was shift manager, he took my order and he asked me what was wrong, I told him and he told them he was taking his break if they needed him he would be at a table with me to come and get him.

I could tell something was bothering him to, but he said this wasn't the time. I later found out that him and his girlfriend had broken up that day and he had told her that he was gay. Talk about big news to tell your friend. I couldn't believe that he thought I was more important then telling this huge life change and my boyfriend wouldn't come get me. I was thinking are you kidding me.

My sister showed up and talked with me, my cell phone rang and it was my friend Tammy who informed me was on her way with her boyfriend (my boyfriends friend) to come and get me and bring me home. When they got there they didn't know what to think I looked like a ghost and they tried to get me to eat something but I couldn't by this point I was just going with the motions and trying to walk through this weird new life. In the back of my head I kept thinking this man and my friend drove here to get me after he worked a 12 hour day to make sure I was okay, but my boyfriend couldn't. Her boyfriend drove my car and she drove me. There was no talking really until they got to my house and he hugged me and said nothing will feel the same, but know that no matter what we are here anytime.

They walked me into the house I was like a zombie now, I don't think I was even blinking. I walked in and my mom jumped up and told them thank you and to drive home safely. They left and my mom said Aarica I need you to know this isn't a dream and she is really gone. I said wheres the proof and she showed me the news coverage and once I saw that car I knew it was her, I had been in that car a million times, we had shared many laughs, a couple cries and lots of singing and dancing on the way to the bar every weekend.

I cried more and went to bed, before I was asleep I called my boyfriend who told me he was to tired to come see me so he would stop in on his way to work in the morning. When the next morning came he was late so in my head I though it was the worst nightmare I had ever had, then my door opened and it was him and it all become real.

From them on out it has been so hard these last four years, My boyfriend continued to not be there when I needed him, not at the wake, or the funeral. We broke up because I kept thinking if your not there for this when will you be?

I met someone new and it was crazy and intense within 3 months we were living together and within six months we were having a baby.

On July 15th, 2009 Landon was born and I missed her even more, I feel this pain will never leave, that no matter the amount of time I will never find a friend anything like her.

I had no idea how much one persons life could impact yours in such a short time and how in 15 mins and a text could chance your whole life.

Her two sisters where in that car that day too, one was pregnant and one was in the back seat. Both had injuries but both went home and I will always be happy that they are okay, They both have 2 children each  now.

Teresa has been gone four years today, she was 26 years old, full of life, heading to the job interview she had always dreamed of, she was in love with a great man and she was my friend, she was a daughter and loving sister.

This was the very last picture taken of us the weekend before she died 

Right before we both had surgery, little did we know same time, same place. Made us laugh when we found out 

New Years Eve 2008, One of the best nights of my life 

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  1. Hi... I just happened to read this post now and I'm really sorry for this :( Last summer (2011) I lost both of my best friends from school in a car accident as well and I know how awful it is.. my friends were 27, full of life and dreams and I miss them so much.

    Take care and don't forget that your friend is always with you as long as you keep thinking of her!